Preparing for a Job Interview

It has been over 12 years since I went for a job interview so when a local University sent me an intern to train him in Media, PR and journalism, the hardest part was preparing him for his job interview post his internship with us.

Getting the first job is a pivotal moment in your life and career so I started speaking to friends in HR plus business owners on what they look for in a candidate and what tips they can give a potential employee that would make the interview process less nerve wrecking. The tips below were echoed by most.

Research the organisation and their current projects

Show that you are knowledgeable about the company and the industry both. Knowing their current projects and their mission will go an extra mile.

Get the full correct address

Verify the full address and phone number days ahead of the interview by checking the company website or google maps. These days navigation systems are easily available on smart phone or GPS and having printed directions as back up can get you to the interview on time.

Research the interviewer

Get the name of the interviewer ahead of time and find out more about him or her online as you may have common interests that could lighten the mood.

Switch your mobile off

Always switch the phone off instead of puttng it in vibrate – a vibrating phone can be distracting to both you and the interviewer.

Allocate ample interview time

Focus on interviews that fit your ideal career choice best instead of rushing from one job interview to the next. Spend quality time at each interview.

Dress modestly

What you wear makes a big difference. The clothes should reflect the job the interview is for. Usually if it is an office job, formal clothes or clothes in neutral colours work best.


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