Lounging in comfort and with style

Trendy furniture is in this season. Index 2016 gave us insights into the most artistic, luxurious and contemporary furniture currently in the market. We draw inspiration this issue from Boostmee Brands, a company that brings luxury Slovenian lifestyle brands to the fore. My favourites include the Lina Moon for comfort and the Beatnik sound station chair for music and entertainment.

Lina Furniture

What I love about Lina furniture is that it provides rooms an innovative, modern and bright twist. Maintaining a modern design and structure, your home will be transformed with beautiful and interesting shapes that provide adults and children of all ages with comfort and upmost relaxation.


Lina products:

            Easy- Winner of the Interior Innovation Award in 2014, The Easy chaise lounge adds elegance and sophistication to any room. With a minimalistic design, beautiful wooden attributes and a comfortable seat that can be adjusted according to your desire, Easy can be used for a variety of relaxing activities and comes in a mass of colors to enhance your homes décor.


Ball Modular- The playful Ball Modular is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, perfect for bringing a lively presence to your interior design. The award-winning composition of four balls offers the perfect opportunity to sit comfortably and chat with friends in great comfort.


Ball Single- The Ball Singular is as versatile as it is comfortable. Coming in 36 colors, The Ball Singular can be used with or with out its’ base, at home or at work and simultaneously encourages an active sitting initiative that mimics the movement of a therapeutic ball, encouraging your body to keep moving throughout your day.


Moon- The transformable Moon provides an extraordinary design made purely for comfort. With an adjustable back rest Moon can be used for your everyday purposes of relaxing, passing time with a book or watching TV. Furthermore, by combining one or more Moons’ together a whole new piece of furniture can be formed.


Roundabout- Winner of the 2015 Interior Innovation award, Roundabout is the most versatile piece of furniture that you will ever see. A composition of sitting, resting and surfaces Roundabout can be adjusted and placed as one wishes, there are no limits.




03e_Beatnik Sound Chair  (4).jpg


With Beatnik, gain the opportunity to let your office space speak for itself through modern, bright and comfortable furniture. Inject beautiful colors and revolutionary design and technology in to your workplace through fascinating and innovative products.


Beatnik Sound Station Chair- Enjoy immersing yourself in to a private cocoon in the most public of places. Beatnik allows you to transform your workspace in to your own private office, providing optimum comfort with the latest technology. Listen to your favorite songs on the high quality Bose speaker system located at the front of the chair, or carry out a conference call via the iPad mount whilst cancelling out any background noise.


Beatnik Room-in-Room- Room-in-Room optimizes office space, creating separate cubicles that can enhance everyday office life. The integrated video displays and BOSE sound system ensures the upmost of hands free technology, and the gesture-operated lighting feature adds a little touch of magic.


Open-Source- A furniture composition like no other, Open-Source provides fully equipped multimedia and adjustable seating areas to adhere to a variety of activities. Featuring numerous elements Open-Source creates a fun space for public seating in any kind of space.


The Red Dot Design Award winner, Beatnik station chair was by far one item I really wanted to walk out with at the Index this year. It is equipped with the latest technology and built in Bose sound system that transforms into a private space for work or leisure. It also reflects the current trend of making furniture innovative, comfortable with the look and feel of being an art piece within a room.


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