Being a Multipotentialite

Being a multipotentialite has many advantages but can be very demanding mentally and physically.While I enjoy being the go to expert for peers in multiple industries and areas, it means essentially working a seven-day week and being on call around the clock to brands headquartered in countries around the globe.

As an Editor in Chief for the Millionaire Group, I get to live a life that people can only dream of but as a contributor to multiple publications around the globe, as a PR expert for the science centres and museums industry and as a Business Development Director for a themed architecture firm and a global travelling exhibition, I work endlessly from yachts, hotels and mostly on the plane. I may be the biggest fan of internet in the clouds.

In between, I nurture a teenager and work around the schedules of a husband who is a professor by day and a stage actor by night. Everything I do may sound very diverse and complicated but they all have the same objective. To make people, brands and clients happy and satisfied in whatever role I play in their life.

It is about getting the right audience for brand awareness through words and actions. I have been attached to some brands as a writer, advisor and mentor for over ten years and still get excited at the prospect of new projects I do with them.

Whether its an exhibition, a new science centre or museum, an activity zone, a new magazine, testing new cars in different terrains or a launch for a new destination, life is all about people and experiences.

Once you embrace the right people, the right brands and take on work that makes a difference to the world, there is nothing else that can be more satisfying about life.

I have not seen my daughter cry in years and the fact that she is always smiling and ready for a hug gives me the ultimate pleasure as a working mum. Working around her schedule as she does her martial arts, theatre, piano etc gives her pleasure and I get to write while I wait for her to finish.

Not having a maid helps in the bonding process tremendously. It means taking time out away from the computer and creating something new in the kitchen that gives joy to the family.

Every part of our lives have meaning and being mindful of that leads us to dedicate ourselves to projects, clients, friends and family in a way that makes everyone around us that much happier – afterall our ruler His Highness Sheikh Mohammed is doing all he can to ensure we are always happy and the least we can do is work towards a satisfying and balanced happy life.






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