A Melting Pot of Art at The St. Regis Dubai: New art collection to be showcased at Le Patio


The St. Regis Dubai, in collaboration with Sulty Events and Entertainment will open the third installation of the “Your Perspective: Art Exhibition” featuring numerous artists in the surrounding area of ‘Le Patio’ on the second floor of the hotel from July 12th, 2017 for two months.

The artists featured in the new exhibition include Elisabeth Krogull of Germany, Reta Richards of Canada and six artists from Korea – Nahyun Hwang, Hyojung Kim, Jiyoun Jeon, Eunyoung Heo, Hakman Hwang and Sunhee Kim.

Faiek El Saadani, Hotel Manager, The St. Regis Dubai, said, “Our third art exhibition reflects the diversity of artists we intend to showcase through the year as it adds a touch of International culture and heritage to the area around ‘Le Patio’. We are committed to bringing world art to the city and there is no better venue than Le Patio that combines a Parisian inspired Courtyard with a contemporary international look and feel.”

Vanessa de Caires, Owner of Sulty Events and Entertainment Dubai said, ”After the success and positive response to our last exhibition, we are excited to bring in a multicultural mix of artists set to enthrall art connoisseurs and collectors in the region. We hope the new installation deepens our understanding of the messages behind the new paintings in this collection.”

The art selected in this initiative are ideal as masterpieces in art galleries and private collector’s residences. Diplomats, Art Collectors, regional Business leaders and media will be attending the opening night of the exhibition.

The China International Development and Investment Corporation Limited, Red Orange Events Management, Gallery The Grace Seoul, Art Couture and Coral Coast PR will be supporting the Event.

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