The Renaissance Princess – Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassemi

Blessed with a wide range of talents and skills, Sheikha Hend, a multifaceted Emirati, accomplished artist, successful entrepreneur as well as committed philanthropist is the ultimate quintessential Renaissance woman who has succeeded and excelled every venture she chose to pursue in her quest to live an inspiring and meaningful life. Having a conversation with Sheikha Hend leaves you motivated and feeds your soul in the most positive way possible. It is an absolute delight sharing the many facets of her life and work with our readers.

An artist by heart, Sheikha Hend has flourished as a painter, architect and fashion designer, impressing her audience and clients with her flair for design, imagination and artistic perception. Her skills reflect a strong foundation from her studies as she graduated with a BA in Architecture and Design Management, did a Diploma in Entrepreneurship for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and completed two Masters, one focused on Project Management and HR Efficiency and a second Masters in Islamic finance.

Sheikha Hend loves the world of publishing and events, communications, architecture and interior design, construction and contracting, art gallery management as well as health and wellness. Hence she has set up various businesses that reflect her interests, among them a fashion house that showcases exquisitely designed abayas, which combine luxurious functionality and style.

Her signature brand, ‘House Of Hend’ retails in several countries in the GCC and Europe. It reflects her creative and design interests and her passion to take local fashion to the world. Her fashion designs have been showcased in various fashion shows throughout the UAE and abroad, gaining her an instant and loyal following among fashionable and very discriminating local women.

Her signature boutique hosts’ monthly fashion shows for fashion designers from the region to promote their creativity in UAE. Affluent dignitaries applauded her collection during her fashion show in Italy. She has also hosted the Islamic Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur and attended the Islamic Fashion Show in Windsor Castle with Prince Edward, Princess Sophie and royalty from Malaysia, Brunei, Kuwait, Bahrain and others.

Sheikha Hend’s design skills go a step further than fashion. She has experience and capabilities in a broad variety of architectural projects, valued at over $4 Billion in both Qatar and UAE. She has designed and engineered Projects of Urban Design Sustainability in mind, with a variety of classical, modern and contemporary styles. And although she has proven herself quite adept in this field, her passion still lies in the arts and related endeavors.

Her creative passion and publishing project is Velvet Magazine, an award winning monthly lifestyle publication that provides a distinct medium for showcasing the rich diversity of the region, as expressed in culture, arts, and fashion. It is also a platform where Sheikha Hend indulges in her story telling skills and keeps up with her love for writing.

Her stories are emotionally moving and have a strong focus on women’s life, their challenges and their relationships with their families and communities at large. Most of her inspirations come to her from real life stories of survivors and heroines from the Arab and African world and have an oriental setting.

Sheikha Hend also loves flowers and set up a retail business, ‘Heart in a Box’ which is a flowers and delights boutique. Evidently, she likes to be hands on with projects she has an affinity with.

Sheikha Hend was invited by Kairos Society to mentor 50 of the top emerging entrepreneurs in the US held at the NYSE, where she was also given the distinction of ringing the bell to signal the opening of trading day, an honour traditionally given to business and civil society leaders, in addition to celebrities and important dignitaries.

The event gathered movers and shakers from around the world, including renowned venture capitalist Mark Rockefeller, billionaire Naveen Jain and Virgin Atlantic’s Court Coursey, in which 50 of the top young entrepreneurs from all over the world presented their business ideas featuring gizmos, gadgets and services envisioned to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Sheikha Hend, who is also the wife His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Saud Al Thani of Qatar, is planning on bringing the global initiative to the Middle East. And in honour of her committed efforts to develop the fashion industry in Qatar as well as her various philanthropic activities, she was also chosen as the World Fashion Organisation’s Goodwill Ambassador for Qatar.

The WFO is the global parent entity of World Fashion Associations ® and World Fashion Week® and is an organization dedicated to promoting peace and development through fashion. Sheikha Hend is also the Chairwoman of the Qatar Malaysia Business Council, an organization devoted to promoting trade and cultural ties between Qatar and Malaysia.

Hend, whose personal role model is her grandmother, believes in living life to the full potential and in creating one’s own dimension as people are making a living and forget to live. She loves travelling, attending business summits and living life in a modern Islamic way with a balance between art, culture, science and business. She loved Sheikh Zayed’s way of life and his love for his roots that echoed the voice of his land. She also loves emulating his giving nature.

Although preoccupied with her various business and personal interests, Sheikha Hend has never lost her passion for painting, occasionally producing artworks and participating in art shows Qatar and Dubai. All the proceeds from her art are then channeled to support various charities in many parts of the world – a personal advocacy where she finds such deep affinity and fulfillment.

With so many facets to her lifestyle that enrich her personality, we are left inspired by Sheikha Hend’s love for all things that are positive to have a fulfilling life and wish her the best in all she takes on board in the future.

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