STR SS17 (11).jpg

Barcelona – Wanderlust is the new Stradivarius campaign,

George Alsford, is accompanied by the Spanish model Blanca Padilla in this first campaign. With the desert as scenario, the series of images photographed by Bèla Adler & Salvador Fresneda, throughout Wanderlust (an English word that means an overwhelming desire to travel and explore the world) Stradivarius tells a story about thinking about the destination, a new journey together that represents a new era for the brand.

At a trend level, the sci-fi inspired garments stand out most, in the woman’s collection, with technical and metallic fabrics, it has pirate reminiscences with silhouette corset and puff sleeves, and it also includes garments with a Rebel rocker aesthetic touch. Leaders in footwear are ankle boots and closed sandals.

Denim, which is part of the brand’s DNA, is also in the Woman’s collection, and in this last case, comes in new fabrics, like the “knitted jeans” or Highflex jeans, with maximum recovery. The backpack is the essential accessory for this season.

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