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It is once again that time of the year for fervor and festivities. As the party season kicks off, are you well equipped?


Winter season is upon us and party season has begun. Festive parties and year-end celebrations are at every corner.

With the city bustling with glamorous outfits, flashing cameras and beautiful people, it is not the time for a quiet evening at home. It is the season to look your best!

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In preparing for the glam season, here are some tips on how Institut Arnaud can help you look your best.

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Fight the cellulite and get smoother skin

With no time to exercise or go to the spa, the Body Expert range may just be your two-in-one solution to replenish and refresh your tired body, while firming and toning your skin at the same time.

For best results use the whole range together, as it uses Maté extract at its core – from the body scrub, and replenishing balm, to the firming cellulifight cream and the leg refiner.

Begin with the scrub, and have your skin looking so refreshed. After taking a shower, apply on wet skin. Massage gently, paying particular attention to the driest areas. The body scrub eliminates dead skin cells, smoothens out and softens skin texture. Through the exfoliating action of sugar, this scrub prepares skin to receive a specific treatment. And with the Maté extract activation, it decreases dimpling and improves the way skin looks.

Use the Cellulifight and leg refiner as often as you can to tone and firm your body and legs. The Cellulifight combats stubborn cellulite in problem areas, like thighs or stomach. With the fat-burning power of caffeine plus Maté plant extract, get enhance skin smoothness and prevent skin aging.

Cap off your beauty regimen with the Replenishing Balm for in-depth moisturizing. Keep the balm in the refrigerator for an extra-intense refreshing feel.

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Instant Radiance

Need a boost in your look for a night out? Get radiant skin instantly!

Use the Quick Beauty Lift Vials. Shake the vial, break the seal and pour the contents into the palm of your hand. Apply it by lightly patting it onto your face and neck. Once vial is applied, you can put on makeup on straight away.

Thanks to its instant tightening effect, this beauty elixir lifts the skin, erases signs of fatigue and tones your skin.


Institut Arnaud products are found in leading UAE pharmacies across the region. You can also Arnaud skincare treats as gift sets, ranging from AED 120-AED 180 on request.


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