Hyundai exudes Luxury with the Centennial 2014

2014 Hyundai Centennial Shereen Shabnam

Shereen 2014 Hyundai Centennial

While I was in Bahrain last week, little diva was chauffeured in the amazing Hyundai Centennial to dinner on a luxury yacht with her dad and being a kid who has been in the best of cars that have landed in Dubai, she gushed on the phone about how cool the new Hyundai was.

Ever since its launch in 2009, the car has gone on to achieve staggering sales and impressive accolades. In line with the opulence that the new Centennial exudes, it has a significantly enhanced interior, a range of cutting-edge features, and the introduction of two new, high performance GDi engines.

Outside, the Centennial offers refined front and rear ends that reduce the amount of chrome trim applied, for a more refined finish, and customers can now choose between either vertical or horizontal type frontal grilles.

The rear LED lighting clusters have also been revamped and new, stylish 18 or 19 inch rims. Befitting a large luxury sedan, its imposing presence is helped by its striking dimensions – the new model is 5,160mm long, 1,890mm wide and 1,495mm high. For 2014, customers can choose from six elegant colours, including a new addition, Cona Black.

The interior is equally modern and stylish, and boasts a significantly redesigned dashboard featuring prominent lines and the highest quality trim, all of which oozes class. All driver controls fall easily to hand, while the introduction of the new Shift by Wire gear lever serves to free up space in the central console.

These changes are all in line with Hyundai’s Modern Premium concept – a move that challenges generic notions of luxury, and insists that it extends into new possibilities with new thinking.  The brand has steadily shown its ability to dominate in the luxury segment and the new model only boosts Hyundai’s position as a contender in the race.

The new Centennial 2014 appeals to the social status conscious, who still require practical spaces and features. The combination of the latest technology, with premium levels of comfort and coupled with a stylish interior and exterior, mean this car was made to stand out from the crowd and get noticed….diva is impressed and cant wait to check it out over a weekend.

Shereen Shabnam 2014 Hyundai Centennial

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