Living Life Meaningfully

Shereen Shabnam

I never thought before I would ever consult a guidance counselor or life coach but with the amount of work I do and the different career paths I indulge in, it is important sometimes to sit back and assess the workload and prioritize life goals. Having a balance between work and play seems cliché when it comes to living life meaningfully but sometimes when we love what we do, we don’t think of work life balance. We just do what needs to be done because we love the whole experience.

The first thing Maggie Williams, my life coach did when she sat across me and realized the amount of stuff I did was asked me to create a structure or a daily calendar where my basic work and self-care was keyed in as routine or non-negotiable.

Having my prayers done on time, setting aside to eat, do ten thousand steps a day and plan my work helped me with some structure but it was the discussions I had with Maggie that really helped me get my life in order. Below are some gems I learned that helps me get through the day smiling.

Starting my day early

Starting my mornings early with Fajr prayers is what sets the tone of the day for me. If I get this one thing done right and not go back to bed, my whole day usually turns out amazing. Turns out, having more hours in the day does get me more prepared to face all the work I need to do across the different jobs I have as a writer, editor, publicist and a shareholder in a restaurant.

Setting priorities

My goal to get healthier and to ensure all my businesses succeed, I set priorities and still make time to explore every opportunity that comes my way.  The key is to be the best version of myself as a boss, as a wife, as a mother, as a colleague and as a sibling.

Delegating to experts

While I do some things well, I have curated a team who are experts in the areas that I am weak in and they do the job so much better once I share i the big picture with them. Each consultant I use is the best in the market which means I am happy; my clients are happy and the person using our work is happy. It costs me a lot to have these experts on board, but I sleep better at night knowing that we gave the best of what anyone could to our clients.

Set aside personal time

Switching off every now and then and doing something enjoyable is what helps me balance. I often end my day at the Shangri La Dubai having quality me time at the spa before I head home to cook, write and relax. The two hours that I spend in a jacuzzi, steam room and shower is what I look forward to all day and makes me feel that working hard the whole day was totally worth it.

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