Indulgent afternoons with decadent milkshakes


Natasha Dury

Recently we ventured to Black tap Dubai to Black Tap in Dubai Mall for their legendary food, fun ambience and milkshakes that get your network talking for days.

Black Tap’s legendary burgers are truly what they claim to be – juicy, tasty and enough to keep you full for two meals. The wings are super tasty and if my dad, a pescatarian did not ditch us that day for lunch, he would have been more than happy with the veggie options.

The staff at Black Tap Dubai were more than helpful and made sure we ordered enough to get fueled up and not have get a stroller to wheel us out – which would have been the case given that we were tempted by everything we saw on the menu.

My mum is trying to do low carb meals and she was over the moon with the option of having a burger salad that was filling and yet left her feeling good. My friend and I were more decadent and chose the tasty fried stuff that we young people live for.

The best part of the meal was of course the milkshakes and each of us got one complete with equally delicious addons like cotton candy, gummies, cookies “glued” to the side of the glass and I had the one with match doughnut of course. The CrazyShake® milkshakes are a work of art.

After the indulgent lunch experience and the milkshakes that stayed in our dreams for days, we are now planning to have all our celebratory meals at Black Tap.

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