Artissima Art Agency launches Dubai Art Expo with over 400 artists from 170 countries

By Shereen Shabnam

Be part of a historic three-day Event to bring art and cultures together and highlight achievements of the nation’s Art initiatives for Jubilee celebrations

Artissima Art Agency introduces the Dubai Art Expo announcing a record of over 400 artists from over 170 countries with the grand opening at the Meydan Hotel with visual artists, followed by over 80 performances from five continents and an art show.

Curated by Aurela Cuku, Founder of Artissima Art Agency, the historic event is an initiative from the UAE for the world artists to celebrate the golden jubilee of the UAE and will showcase exquisite art and foster mutual cooperation to build bridges between nations. There will be a series of talks on art and design by renowned artists, designers and performing arts personalities.

On the 5th of November, Al Fahidi Historical neighbourhood will play host to the Association of Colours of Peace exhibition, a non-profit association that promotes children’s art internationally to reduce cultural, social and economic distances between rich and poor countries with messages of peace, tolerance and unity. Children from the UAE will be drawing for peace from 12 noon to 9pm.

The President of Colors for Peace, Antonio Giannelli will be present at the event showcasing drawings of children from over 135 countries. In addition, Angelo Baldini, President at Cycling team will endorse the torch bearing cyclists, riding from The Meydan Hotel to Al Fahidi area for the awareness of the Colours for Peace initiative.

From 10am to 9pm on the 6th of November, Mimmo Centonze will bring people closer to art by speaking about Caravaggio with the aim to convey the artists point of view relating to their art. There will be an art show with the theme, ‘Symbols of Love and Peace’ by Badie Jahjah as well as a conservation and restoration section for art,

Aurela Cuku, Curator of the exhibition and Founder of Artissima Art Agency said, “We have had a overwhelming response from artists all over the world for the Dubai Art Expo and we are delighted to bring all forms of art this year, including the performing arts. Over the last decade, we have been a catalyst in bringing art from all over the world of encourage a culture of art and heritage appreciation and this time we have also brought sports into the equation.”

“We have brought the largest collection of children’s art through Colours for Peace to Dubai specifically for the Dubai Art Expo and aim to have a centre for Colours of peace here in the future or have a park dedicated to peace like in other countries abroad.”

The Dubai Art Expo’s main sponsor is Morals General Contracting LLC and Birken Boja, Owner said, “The projects we work on are inspiring and stand out and art plays a major role in making projects successful. We are delighted to be part of UAE’s largest art event and look forward to ensuring the creative art industry has a platform to show their talent.

Artissima Art Agency has brought the art community together consistently over the last decade, launching the region’s best artists and art shows under one roof.

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