Never stop learning

By Nishrat Nazeen

Being in the world of PR means constantly learning new things and being part of Coral Coast PR played a crucial role in helping me set up my own business – Aromas Fiji. As an entrepreneur, we have to constantly learn from our mistakes and take valuable lessons on how I could have done something better. 

Starting a new business also means bearing most of the risks but also enjoying the rewards that come in the form of meeting new people, networking, being able to have down time when I like, and meet with my family’s commitment without having to ask for permission from my superiors.

My favourite part is learning as an entrepreneur has to be the new ideas that I come across to make my goods better, learning how to improve services, and discovering new business trends like using social media to create awareness of the new collections we reveal of our soaps and candles.

In our business, we also research and learn about what already exists and where there are gaps in the market and what could be done to fill those gaps. In our case, we discovered that there were no halal certified soaps so we filled in that gap. Researching and learning about the demand for products and services goes a long way.

One of the best ways to learn is to have mentors to stay mentally sharp and get ideas on how to identify new opportunities as knowledge is power especially for startups like Aromas Fiji. Having mentors are great as they help us set goals, guide us on how to manage time and give us tips on marketing, customer engagement etc. The internet is also a great resource for getting ideas and insights into the business world.

As entrepreneurs, we just need to keep learning and coming up with creative ideas – in my case, I constantly look for new ideas to present my product – from shapes, colours, packaging, exhibiting at craft markets and much more. Stay creative!

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