Healthy Habits Matter

By Shereen Shabnam

I am the queen of being a workaholic and often find that my little Mac is surgically attached to my being even if the cords that bind us may be invisible. Being a workaholic often means I sacrifice my personal time to work and I reckon my Porsche Cayenne Turbo has had more spa days this year than I have had in years. However, since I met my amazing guidance counsellor, Maggie Williams, I have learnt to incorporate some simple steps into my daily routine that has made a difference and I am delighted to share this with you.

Calmness through Spiritual moments

One of the best habits I developed since meeting Maggie is getting up for morning prayers and starting my day early at Shangri La Dubai pampering myself before the day starts. Maggie helped me recognise that Prayer was my magic pill that set me up to take on anything during the day.

Head to the Gym

Post prayer, I now have a routine where I make my healthy juices and head to the gym, sauna and get ready to write in the comfort of a lounge that has the sound of water from Shangri-La’s jacuzzi area. Even if I spend half an hour at the gym, it invigorates me especially if I can start the day with my favorite set of Latin music.

Just Breath

While in the sauna or jacuzzi, I take time to breath knowing that once I step out of the hotel, I have to hit the ground running from one press commitment to another. It means spending hours on the road to meetings, testing cars or just running errands for the many roles I have in life as an Editor, Publicity Consultant, Media Trainer, Motoring jury, Mother, Wife and a cook for the family.

Mindful Eating

I am guilty of eating in front of my computer or TV but have been reading a lot on mindful eating that can help avoid gastrointestinal problems, snacking and weight gain. Mindful eating means taking time to think what is going on your plate and eating slowly, enjoying every bite.

To do lists

After a few sessions with Maggie, I started making daily and weekly lists to remain focused and prioritize what I should be doing first in the day and during every hour of the day. This helps me organize the day, allocate each task within a time frame and set deadlines.

Laughing and happy Endorphins

I only watch comedies and everything happy on social media and on TV.  Avoiding anything negative and stressful means I spend more of my day smiling and less worrying about what is wrong with the world and people around me. There is something to be said about blissful ignorance!

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One response to “Healthy Habits Matter

  1. Fabulous!!!!! So glad that you are taking the time to go to the gym and spa would love to start every day like that used to go to the gym every day some days would swim others weights but always sauna and hot tub but Covid has ended that I also did meditation which is awesome clears your mind and focuses you

    Nice to have a mentor for guidance and support keep up the great work

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