Building a Great Team

By Shereen Shabnam

The success of a company is often attributed to a great team. Proactive and collaborative teams are fundamental for almost every organisation no matter which industry one works in. 

In most interviews, the willingness to work as part of a team is a common skill most employers look for when hiring new staff, hence it is beneficial to develop key skills required for effective teamwork. Enhancing teamwork skills however is not just for new employees as it is just as relevant for employees already in jobs and looking to get a promotion.

One of the first skills to develop is communication skills which is crucial for being able to communicate eloquently with peers, clients, suppliers as well as your line manager. Having the aptitude to express your ideas, either verbally or in writing is important. 

Learning to communicate effectively is an interactive process and includes having patience learn how to listen and understand what other people are saying. Enrolling in public speaking courses or reading books also help improve your communication skills improving your career prospects.

Cultivating good relationships when working in a team is also an integral part of creating a productive work environment. Interpersonal skills are essential for effective teamwork and for networking at work-related social events. 

Some of the most helpful interpersonal skills include assertiveness, negotiation and conflict resolution. There are also non-verbal communication skills, such as body language, facial expressions and gestures that play a part in developing positive relationships within a team.

Another good way to have a strong and productive team is learning to accept criticism and feedback for professional development. It does not help to be afraid of negative feedback or being sensitive when criticised and instead use this feedback to improve relationships with team members and coworkers. 

A colleague shares ideas and encourages improvement helps build an open and honest work environment where other members of the team feel free to express their opinions and accept other person’s point of view.

Hence, sharing ideas, using positive language and having open discussions are some of the key traits a person should have when working in a team. 

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