Being Mindful

The power of being in the present is indeed powerful. Being comfortable in our skin and using our skills, talent, aptitude and emotional intelligence to its utmost capacity is what makes life worth living. 

Being at one with yourself is more than an attitude. It is about how you want to be perceived, being yourself, being present, determined, consistent and disciplined.

Being an Islander, we are often told that our USP is our positiveness. It often rules our actions in every aspect of our life and is our guiding principal. As parents, we guide our children to be mindful of all they do and be the best version of themselves and to live life with honesty and integrity.

During the pandemic, we saw the time spent at home as the best time to reconnect with who we are. The world of business took the back stage and our personal lives and passions took centre stage and made us more mindful of what is more important in life. If this year has taught us anything, it has to be about the power of doing what makes us happy and content. It has taught us to be brave.

For me personally, it taught me the power of being spiritual and living life meaningfully. Waking up for morning prayers has helped me start my day a couple of hours earlier and given me a jump start to start my chores – for that I am grateful. I finally have time to balance my spiritual life with work and domestic life seamlessly and feel content at the end of the day.

Going back to my hectic on the go life is no longer an option as I cherish my personal space, my company and investing time in doing what I love. This is what life is all about and it took a pandemic to help me realise this. Hope you find that island vibe in your inner self and start enjoying the simple pleasures of life by being mindful about living a quality life.

Shereen Shabnam

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