Beat the summer heat

Shereen Shabnam

As temperatures increase, the chances of heat stroke, the most severe form of heat injury is possible for people exposed to high temperatures or doing intense physical work for long periods of physical activity in the heat.

Serious heat stroke can cause organ damage and even death so people working outside should be cautious when their temperature reaches 104 F or higher, the skin turns red and if there are signs of Nausea, headache, racing heart beat or vomiting. If you come across anyone outside with these symptoms, remove their clothing and spray cold water on them.

The ideal way to beat the heat is to wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing clothes during the summer, drink a lot of water to regulate temperature especially during outdoor sports, use sunscreen every few hours or use hats and sunglasses.

If you are taking any medicine, check with your health practitionerfor heat-related problems if you take medications that can adversely affect your body’s ability to stay hydrated or dispel heat.

There has been recent reports ofheat-related deaths in children so do not leave young children in a car parked in the sun as the temperature in your car can rise within minutes. This can happen even if the windows are slightly open or the car is parked under shade.

If your job entails physical activity outdoors, during the hot summer weather, drink ample amounts of fluids and rest frequently in a cool spot. If you are in the sports industry or committed to fitness, schedule your exercise sessions for cooler parts of the day, preferably early morning or evening.

If there is no way to avoid the heat, start by getting acclimatized to the weather and the best way to do it is by limiting the time spent working or exercising in the heat until your body get adjusted or conditioned to it. People not used to the heat are particularly susceptible to heat-related illness as it takes the body a few weeks to adjust to the hot weather.


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