Jetsetter journeys


By Shereen Shabnam


Travel is always on top of our minds so we were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with 32-year-old, Mohamed el Guindy, CEO of LiveTours World this issue. Born in Saudi Arabia, Mohamed grew up in Saudi Arabia for 13 years before heading to Egypt to start his career journey and travel the world to achieve his dreams and success.

Mohamed graduated from faculty of Commerce from Shams University and after graduation he continued educating himself with other majors learning something new everyday. He currently lives in the UK and attributes his hard working nature to his father who was head of a finance bank in Saudi Arabia. His mother, a psychologist turned housewife dedicated her life for Mohamed and his family which taught him and his two siblings the value of appreciation.

Being an entrepreneur and a businessman means having family support and Mohamed’s wife of four years now and his two kids, Yara and Youssef are a source of motivation and inspiration for him and help him achieve more in life. Hence although his work never stops, Mohamed is always keen to spend most of his time with them to do something enjoyable together making it the best part of his day.

Mohamed was always business oriented as in high school he started small projects like a cafe, a restaurant, worked in construction and worked online as a networker, which is useful now working in distribution through network referrals. Soon after, he started the company LiveFree Ltd in UK, then in UAE and Egypt, which inspired him to start LiveTours World.

LiveTours World started in 2014 and Mohamed’s duties and responsibilities include the overall management and strategy for the company as well as adding new partnerships. He aims to provide customers with best rates for hotel bookings or flight reservations.

Mohamed continually assesses himself by comparing himself in the past, present and the future and sees the personal development he has reached and if it is satisfying. It also helps him decide if he needs to work harder on himself.

Mohamed’s success includes achieving more than USD1 million in hotel bookings in 2014 in just three months especially after entering a new market and the company has been achieving steady growth since then thanks to a dynamic team at LiveTours World.

“We aim to increase our members and customers every year and for this year we expect the best of them. We have bundled miles with every dirham you spend at LiveTours from leading airlines in the UAE and the world. We have also developed an amazing loyalty program to reward the customers and even to give them an entrepreneurship opportunities,” continues Mohamed.

Mohammed hopes to see the LiveTours name next to the multi billion-dollar companies in travel especially providing customers with best rates for hotel bookings or flights reservations. To promote the business, the company is offering incentives for referrals as it plays a major role in awareness plus a marketing campaign which will be completed end of the New Year and holiday season.

Mohamed has participated and sponsored many charity events and especially treasures the “orphan day” in Egypt, where he enjoyed a day full of fun with 200 adorable kids.

On the personal front, Mohamed loves going to the gym and enjoys occasional Football matches with his friends. When he is not at the office, he is traveling for business, mainly to Abu Dhabi, Cairo and London. He also enjoys Barcelona, as he is a big fan of the team and likes New York. For long relaxing holidays he prefers Maldives or Canary Islands.

Other than his father, Mohamed also looks up to Richard Branson and Mo Salah as they have all instilled in him the passion for success and fighting for his dreams. He admires Richard Branson for surfing waves at 60 yrs old and making space a travel destination and for founding hyper-loop.

We wish Mohamed all the success and hope he continues making jet setting easier for travel enthusiasts in the world.

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