Transformation with Digital Automation

mark-ackerman-regional-director-mesat-ee-servicenow.jpgMark Ackerman – Regional Director, MESAT & EE

More and more organizations’ today focus on ‘creating a digital workplace’ with increased investments in AI, cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, Mobile and Social technology, among key drivers for the company’s growth.

The drive to get digitisedis fuelled by globally recognized brands in the aviation, banking & finance, transport and Oil & Gas sectors taking the lead to get transformed by automation, intuitive consumer experiences, machine learning and an increased use of connected devices.

Today, enterprises are looking to ‘consumerize’ the user experience and improve employee productivity and efficiency. This is done by digitizing workflows and employee interactions, breaking down silos within the organization and automating tasks through machine learning and AI.

At the same time, security still remains a top priority for CIOs and this trend does not show signs of letting up anytime soon. ServiceNow is well positioned to help organizations cope with rising work volumes with a suite of solutions for IT, security, customer service, HR and business applications, all delivered via the Now Platform using a single data model.

The platform makes it easy to create contextual workflows and automate business processes. The platform’s Intelligent Automation Engine combines machine learning with automated actions to dramatically reduce costs.

As organizations ramp up their investments in digital technologies, we speak with Mark Ackerman Regional Director, MESAT & EEat ServiceNow on how organizations can unlock and harness the full potential of automation in their organization.

1. What can retailers do to deliver high-quality products and services both quickly and economically and how can ServiceNow help?

In the Middle East we have had great successes with retailers and the F&B industry. For e-commerce, we assess each client, help them identify existing stock and manage what is there with tailor made asset management systems. Our aim is to work on digital transformation and Portfolio management so that there is visibility across multiple platforms.

2. For convenience, we find an increase in personalised service offered by retailers to meet the demand but internal procedures of retailers are not as streamlined to meet the demand. What does ServiceNow offer to persuade corporates and retailers to move away from manual processes unstructured processes?

We start by assessing the systems in place and then doing health and safety checks where we use a checklist that immediately updates the client what is required for the organisation to be more efficient. We also ensure all parties have access to data that is relevant to them.  We also offer maintenance management with indoor mapping of floor plans etc.

3.  What steps can your clients take to make their back end systems more automated and efficient?

Our positioning is straightforward. Companies often run on many different systems so we ultimately move everything out and streamline data and processes on the same environment by structuring work within an Organisation that help in attending to tasks efficiently. Employee centric solutions have a positive impact in the organisations performance.

4. Service portals provide support to shop and even chat with an online agent and this enhances the consumer experience. Will this encourage more people to shop online?

It certainly helps to build relationships and humanises the online shopping experience. But people shop online for comfort and platforms like Amazon introduce new vendors and reject vendors based on demand and hence the catalogue evolves and the self-service experience improves. Soon we will see social media channels starting to integrate e-commerce.


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