World Food Expo at Lulu Hazana bring creativity to the forefront

By Shereen Shabnam

As an Editor of three Menus of the Masters cookbooks, I thought I would be unfazed by dishes submitted by customers at the Lulu Food Expo competition but the creativity and innovation I saw was impressive.

We started the evening with a tasting of 15 varieties of jackfruit currently on promotion at Lulu Hazana brought from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and India. Soon after, we moved to judging dishes brought by customers in five different categories.. (Salads, Sandwiches, Vegetarian dishes, Non Vegetarian dishes and desserts.

After sampling the dishes, we selected 2 winners from each category. Lulu Hazana is a full scale hypermarket in Sharjah and offers nearly everything one needs under one roof. We had an amazing experience.

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