Doing is better than saying

By Shereen Shabnam


I used to be a person who always came up with great ideas but never thought of the time and resources needed to make the ideas work. My last boss pointed out to me that I get excited about too many things when I really should focus on few things and make them work.

That was possibly the best thing I needed to hear as I get so passionate about so many things that it is hard to keep up. Once I started to take my thoughts seriously, it made sense why I needed that focus.


Lets face it – ideas are worth nothing if not executed properly and I now realise that ideas need nurturing and require time, resources and a lot of work to be properly implemented.

So I have decided that 2018 will be the year of doing. As I am passionate about Motoring, Yachting, Travel, Watches and Aviation, I will spend more time networking in these industries and work on more inspiring content around new trends and innovations in these areas.

Time is precious and if there is anything 2017 has taught me, it is that every minute counts. The days when I used to wait hours for press conferences to start and finish is over. I give myself precisely an hour and a half for each event now and if it does not end, I leave as it is important that I deliver the tasks I have for the day instead of spending it at a place where I am not able to finish my work.

Here’s to a more focused and successful start to the New Year. i have started planning from now as it takes weeks to set goals for each month of a new year.

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