Steering Tourism to Langkawi



By Shereen Shabnam

The Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) is successfully driven by the CEO, Dato’ Haji Azizan Bin Nordin in promoting Langkawi as a luxury high-net worth tourist destination. With numerous five star hotels such as the St Regis, Ritz Carlton, Aloft and Park Royal entering the market, Langkawi Development Authority is committed to unleash Langkawi’s true potential. We find out more.

The Langkawi Development Authority targets tourists from luxury markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia countries, Russia as well as the C.I.S (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries such as Kazakhstan. It also targets visitors from Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. As for South Asia, LADA focuses on Indian weddings and honeymooners and is working closely with Air Asia and China Southern Airlines to lure more high-net worth Chinese tourists from Guangzhou, Shenzhen as well as Hong Kong.

The promotion and marketing efforts also focus on the mass tourism which currently contributed up to 50% to the tourists’ arrival and tourism receipts of the island in the past years. Thus, there are two-tier marketing initiatives for Langkawi. The first is catering for mass tourism and the latter one is focusing on high-net worth tourists.

Way forward, a second tourism blueprint will be launched aimed to set Langkawi on the path towards becoming a premier geo and eco-destination by 2020. Clear targets, effective implementation, environmental protection and sustainable development are critical ingredients for Langkawi to be able to fulfil its potential.

Langkawi excels in Eco Tourism and was endorsed as the 52nd Global Geopark by UNESCO because of the significant richness of its geological diversity, biological diversity, cultural heritage, well-established management, and community involvement. The Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark protects and conserves geological, biological, historical and archaeological heritage to balance between tourism development, economic activity and conservation of nature.

Under the leadership of Dato’ Haji Azizan Bin Nordin, LADA  implements the comprehensive strategy for the development of commercial tourism and duty-free business and implements and manages programs and projects for the tourism development to put Langkawi on the world map as the premier eco and geo destination island in the world.

Some of the initiatives that LADA  undertakes include upgrading the cleanliness of entire islands, quality life of its people and public facilities and make Langkawi a tourism event hub and create a sustainable development and eco-friendliness for future generations to enjoy. Other initiatives include organizing eco based events as well as luxury tourism events such as Royal Classic Car and Royal Big Bike Fest. There are 35 events planned for this year.

Langkawi will also host the semifinal of the Miss Tourism International 2017 beauty pageant and LADA looks forward to creating a new record for a catwalk held at the highest altitude this year after successfully setting two Malaysian records, each for the performance of Silat and Tai Chi at the highest altitude, last year.


Then the PATA TRAVEL MART 2018 will bring in more than 1000 delegates representing governments, organisations from more than 60 countries that have a wide spectrum of strong network of individuals who will be part of the pre and post exhibition tours for their leisure activities. A successful PTM 2018 in Langkawi, will be another success story to be shared and will encourage more high spender MICE community to Langkawi.

Langkawi is hence becoming a notable MICE gateway in Malaysia. The proven track record of Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre & Langkawi International Convention Centere, will definitely be hyped up and its facilities will be upgraded to meet the upcoming MICE needs and requirements.

Langkawi will also be the location for a new reality television show. The reality show entitled, “Differences Aside”, will be produced for international cable television network, CNN and Travel Leisure Channel (TLC). This reality show will be a unique experience for nine participants from every part of the world to experince a life in  Langkawi. The participants would be from North America, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Malaysia.

Over the years, Langkawi has been enjoying a steady increase of tourists into the island. Latest statistics of tourist arrival to Langkawi as of April 2017 is 1.19 million tourists. As of today, Langkawi has the total of 178 hotels with 11,939 rooms.

LADA is also promoting better Langkawi Charter Flight Incentives Program (LCFIP) to the air charterer with the aim to increase the number of chartered flights to the island. Other than that, LADA initiates promotion and marketing via conventional and digital platform to lure the luxury and mass tourists to the island. We wish Dato’ Haji Azizan Bin Nordin and his team at LADA a successful campaign in promoting Langkawi to the world.

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