HattCON displays at the helm of the Hatteras M90 Panacera

Hatteras/CABO Yachts, LLC (“Hatteras Yachts”), a world-leading builder of convertible sportfishing and luxury motor yachts from 45 to 100 feet, announces the launch of its new, proprietary HattCON® total ship management system at the Hatteras Club Experience event it is hosting today and tomorrow at Hatteras World Headquarters in New Bern, N.C . HattCON fully integrates the yacht’s navigation, vessel monitoring and automation systems into a seamless touchscreen interface, increasing their ease of use, overall performance and capability.

Designed by the Hatteras engineering team in collaboration with a leading German maritime engineering firm, the intuitive HattCON touchscreen interface puts monitoring and control of everything from the yacht’s radar and bilge alarms to HVAC temperature regulation and lighting at the user’s fingertips.
“We are very proud of the new HattCON system, which clearly demonstrates Hatteras Yachts’ ongoing dedication to innovation and to enhancing the yachting experience for our customers,” said Kelly Grindle, Hatteras Yachts president and CEO.

“What really drove this are the innovations available today in the ‘internet of things’ to automate and control homes, cars, corporate offices, even public transportation” said David Clubbs, Hatteras Yachts director of R&D. “We wanted to provide our customers with an inclusive smart control interface that not only integrates the yacht’s interior comforts but also grants access to every supporting system on board.”

Clubs added: “HattCON eliminates the multiple, often inconsistent operating systems that used to populate the helm station and replaces them with a single, seamless ship management interface.”

The fully redundant HattCON system includes multi-function touchscreen helm displays plus a surface-mounted display foil with integrated controls to ensure secure operation in rough sea conditions. A fingerprint reader with backup digital passcode safeguards the yacht’s ignition system.
HattCON provides control over the following onboard systems and functions:

  • Ship systems monitoring including bilge, fire and CO2, tankage levels, generator status, A/C and D/C electrical power, door- and hatch-open alarms, hydraulic system controls
  • Engine and propulsion data
  • Full integration capability with owner-supplied electronics including navigation, radar, chartplotter, sounders, AIS, and autopilot with rudder-angle feedback
  • Lighting systems including interior, exterior, navigation and Lumishore multi-color underwater lights. Master all-off light switch (password-protected) with exit timer
  • HVAC controls
  • Smart glass control
  • Window blinds control (optional).

The HattCON system also is mirrored in an iPhone/iPad app that is fully configured with dual profiles: a Master/Captain profile with access to the main system, and a Guest profile with access to lighting and HVAC controls. HattCON includes two 10-inch, integrated touch displays in the galley and crew quarters, as well as wall-mounted auto-dimming touchscreens with HattCON app-accessible features placed in the staterooms and convenient locations throughout the yacht. Video streaming from the onboard CCTV system to an iPhone/iPad via the HattCON app also is an available option.

“With HattCON as your co-pilot, control over just about every system on your yacht is just a swipe, tap or toggle away,” Clubbs said.

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