Bremont: Chronometer collection

Airco BK BR Front.jpg

Award-winning British luxury watch brand, Bremont is now showcasing its 2017 Chronometer collection. Bremont is an award-winning British luxury watch brand, manufacturing mechanical watches and movement components.

The brand remains true to its original principles of: aviation and military, British engineering and adventure. As well as manufacturing watches for some of the most exclusive military squadrons around the world, Bremont continues to play an influential role in revitalising the British watch industry, the birthplace of numerous timekeeping innovations still used today. The brand is now in the top handful of chronometer producers in the world.

The collection features the new Bremont Supermarine Type 300 and 200 special versions of the new Bremont Norton chronograph will be made available exclusively to V4SS owners. Bremont will also be launching its new AC35 model which will be made in a very limited run of 35 rose gold watches, to mark this being the 35th America’s Cup. The collection includes the Jaguar MKII and SOLO 32.

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