Effortless Performance – Bentley Bentayga


By Shereen Shabnam

The Bentley Bentayga combines unparalleled luxury, effortless performance and everyday usability using innovative advanced technology and cutting-edge features. It is Bentley Motors pinnacle, sector-defining new model that offers sporting ability plus off-road performance for motor enthusiasts and for those who have exquisite taste for sculptural design and elegant luxury.

Designed, engineered and built in Crewe, UK, the Bentayga takes Bentley luxury to new places as it balances athleticism with presence. The Bentley workforce blend exceptional craft and skill with modern production techniques and materials evident in the intricate detailing and precision using wood, metal and leather that creates a modern, luxurious handcrafted interior.

The Bentley performance is best experienced in different climates or terrain to get the full feel of the highly advanced chassis designed to thrill. It offers the ultimate redefined luxury ride quality and comfort while the unrivalled power and torque makes it the most powerful and fastest SUV ever.

The Bentayga’s styling is pure Bentley. From the four round LED headlamps and large matrix grille, to the distinctive power line and muscular haunches, the Bentley DNA is apparent in the world’s finest automotive cabin with unrivalled levels of precision.

Talking digits, the twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine is at the heart of the new Bentayga as the mighty 12-cylinder unit combines efficiency and refinement with ultra-luxurious levels of power and torque. With 608 PS (600 bhp / 447kW) and 900 Nm (663 lb. ft) delivering a 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds) and a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h), the Bentayga is the world’s most powerful SUV.


The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox while the transmission and four-wheel-drive system has been strengthened to handle the demands and high torque levels of off-road driving.

Key attraction is of course the suite of the state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and infotainment features designed to enhance safety, comfort and convenience making the Bentayga an innovative, advanced and connected luxury SUV.

A number of driver aids are available on the Bentayga including Traffic Sign Recognition, which detects a wide variety of traffic signs and displays information to the driver; Rear

The Bentayga is also available with Park Assist, Electronic Night Vision and Head-Up Display, which reduces driver distraction and increases safety. The Bentayga’s cutting-edge 8” touch screen infotainment system boasts class-leading navigation technology, a 60GB hard drive, and a choice of up to 30 languages.

A bespoke mechanical Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling clock can also be specified for the Bentayga. This masterpiece is machined in solid gold with a choice of either mother-of-pearl or black ebony face and decorated with eight diamond indexes.

Bentley Motors is the most sought after luxury car brand in the world. Step inside the new Bentayga and you will find the finest automotive interior in the world, with handcrafted wood and leather throughout – engineered with precision to deliver absolute perfection.



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