A new Masterpiece The 76 Bahamas

The New Riva Bahamas 76
Ph: Guido Cantini / SeaSee.com

One of the toughest choices amongst boating enthusiasts is when selecting a yacht to suit being out on water through the day and the evening – the balance between needing a roof while on water during the hottest part of the day and having the flexibility to enjoy the early evenings, starry nights and early mornings without a roof.

The 76 Bahamas is a motor yacht that is my favourite from leading yacht makers Riva that features a roof that completely disappears, just like that of a convertible car and when you need it, its easy to have a stylish roof again seamlessly at the press of a button.

Although I have been to the Riva boatyard in Italy, a few hours drive away from Milan, I was introduced to the 76 Bahamas right at our doorstep at Dubai International Marine Club. Excited about the new innovation and a few videos later, the 76 Bahamas was the best amongst hundreds of yachts I was introduced to in one day.

Riva 76 Bahamas_Convertible Top_2.jpg

In fact, when I return home to Fiji Islands, I reckon the best way to explore the 332 islands would be in the 76 Bahamas which ultimately equivalent to a trendy convertible on water. Since I am adamant about having the best and most trendy wheels on the road, why not have the best head turner boat on the water.

Essentially Riva’s innovative design team have given us a timeless design with the technological innovation that gives yachting enthusiasts the choice of open air boating option and having the comfort of a roof over their heads during rain, meal times etc.

The 76’ Bahamas is one of Riva’s most elegant models that bring together history, tradition, innovation and technology with performance. It is a super sports boat for a sporty feeling and a home on water where you want to create unforgettable memories.


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