Loving the Leap Year


My birthday is in 2 days on March 2nd and over dinner last night at Taste of Italy with friends, we spoke about the date being February 29 and how if you were born on Feb 29, you only get to celebrate your birthday every 4 years or so….that totally sucks!

As 2016 is a leap year, it has 366 days instead of the usual 365. Which means we get an extra day to play with. I see it as an extra 24 hours in my life so I milked it by doing stuff that made me happy like touring super yachts before anyone else gets to see them, pushing my Cayenne Turbo to its limits near the beach, eating fine Italian food cooked by the ever so talented Chef Heinz and sampling Ottoman sweets with my friends from Turkish Airlines.

Hope you had fun with the extra day as much as I did! I hope my birthday in 2 days is as delightful as the extra day of the year was but I doubt it.

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