New fragrance for men from Police

Shereen Shabnam fragrance police

Although I almost never shop for a fragrance for men, I am totally loving the package and the scent of the new “The Icon Intense”, a fragrance adorned in total black aesthetic with a shiny glass finish in a glass soul.

Most people like me buy a fragrance that also looks nice and comes in an attractive package – The semi-transparent glass for Icon Intense is masked instead by a sense of pure virility and strength. Its deep-black tone embellished with gilded details generates a seductive and contrasting effect.

For men who are a strong combination of energetic and eccentric, Mavive launches a new version of its legendary fragrance that embodies the most powerful, majestic, and elegant soul of the falcon….a symbol of our beloved nation that is loved by all.

The scent is a combination of strength and refinement and creates a vibrant and sensual essence while the oriental, woody & spicy elements evoke powerful and intense emotions. This composition blows into the air and onto your skin with hesperidic and spicy vibrations of bergamot, red pepper and cardamom. In the center of it all, the aromatic clary sage combines with sensual orris and woody aroma of white cedar whilst the dark and iconic dry-down reveals a rich patchouli trail, warm benzoin scents and all of it is enveloped by virile touches of crystal amber.

The energy, strength, and passion bursting out from this fragrance are so intense they break the everyday surface of reality, almost in the manner of a supernatural power.

You can buy the icon intense in 125 ml bottles retailing at AED 264 exclusively at all Police kiosks in leading malls of the UAE. Emulating the features of an eagle, it is an absolutely distinctive bottle with maximum functionality.

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