A Piece of Art with a spiritual essence

Shereen Shabnam 99 names of Allah

Recently I met a superb local artist from Art Noor who is well-known in the UAE for his paintings themed around the 99 names of Allah – he came to my daughter’s birthday and all the guests absolutely loved his company and reiterated that we don’t see enough artistic work done in Arabic calligraphy or work that highlights key messages from our religion, as there is so much beauty in it to tell the world.

One month later, we find out that there are actually other mediums of art expression that use  the 99 names of Allah to express the beauty of the names – for instance, QNET recently launched The Bernhard H. Mayer® “99 Names of Allah” exclusive Chi pendant, a luxurious jewel for its customers in the MENA region.

This beautiful hand crafted pendant is a work of art that carries a strong emblematic significance reflecting the perfect harmony of God with the wearer.

The pendant perfectly depicts the 99 names of Allah as presented in Islam, in a beautiful Arabic calligraphic inscription that has been crafted by masters of oriental art. It delicately symbolizes The Creator in all his glory and his magnificence.

Encased in technically engineered natural minerals which have been structurally bonded in glass at a molecular level, using high heat fusion methods, this combination of minerals and fusion techniques creates a unique and positive energy field on the pendant that combines modern elegance with unique wellness benefits.

 Wearing the 99 Names of Allah Chi Pendant makes one feel balanced and harmonised.

This collection of ’99 names of Allah’ Chi pendant will be available to approximately two million distributors of QNET in the MENA region through QNET’s e-commerce platform.

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