Emirati Author’s Fictional Book “City of Stars” available on Amazon

Sara with her book

 Emirati author, Sara Galadari’s, recently released book “City of Stars,” is now available on Amazon. The fictional book, targeted at young adults, is about the tale of a young woman who fights against the ideas of prejudice and the stigma of the social class that she is raised in.

This book is one of many upcoming books that features powerful female heroines that take charge of their own lives, and brings to light the many obstacles that women generally face on a regular basis (with a fictional twist).

Set in Najmia, a fictional city in the whereabouts of the Middle East in the 1600’s, “City of Stars” tells the compelling story of Ameera Hussain, a young girl who spent her entire life growing up under the strict boundaries set by her privileged status and expectations. The story takes place within a time of growing conflict between a neighboring city, Kuozzar, which eventually turns into a devastating war driven by prejudice and discrimination.

Her life seemed to be going according to the way it was planned; she was brought up to be a beautiful young woman, had finished her schooling, and was set to marry her childhood sweetheart. However, when Ameera learns a dark secret that her family had been hiding her whole life, she gets herself thrown directly into the crossfires of war and learns just how deadly prejudice can really be.

“You will understand someday, my little one. You will see soon that the road I have set you on will lead you to greatness. You will be the envy of every woman in Najmia, Men will reel in your beauty and power. All you have to do is remain perfect. This is all for your own good. You will understand everything soon,” her mother trailed off, grasping the brush’s handle and running it through her long hair.

Most scenes in the book resonate with young adults throughout the region. Sara Galadari is a college student studying abroad in the United States, and is currently finishing her last year as an undergraduate student in Communication.

About City of Stars:

City of Stars is a fiction written in English by a young Emirati author, 20-year-old Sara Galadari, who is currently studying in the United States of America. The 352 page paperback book is available on Amazon.com for US$9.49/- or AED35.00/-. Sara is fluent in English and Arabic and is currently working on her next book. Sara, an ex-student of Choueifat Dubai started writing her first novel at the age of 18. She is currently working on her second novel.

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