Getting my insides healthy with Propolis

Propolis Dubai

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what Propolis was until I caught up with Aya at Mercato for coffee and found out about the benefits of bee products. Aya is an official representative for a company called Tentorium in The Middle East – I got sold on the benefits it had to offer and decided to try it and am loving its effects.

Of all the products derived from beehives, propolis has proved to be a product having the most beneficial results for human health.
Propolis is the resinous substance that bees gather from the leaf buds of trees and certain vegetables. The bee gathers this and transforms it to protect the beehive from viruses and bacteria.

It is also known for its antioxidant and anti-microbial action, as a stimulant and for its healing, analgesic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory activity. Note it is 100% natural!

I tried the A-P-V propolis drink bottle, following Aya’s recommendation, I used few drops added to my water, and the result was amazing. The mixture is 100% natural and organic and drinking it boosts up the immune system. Bioflavanoids, cinnamic acids, aromatic acids and essential oils contained in propolis define the variety of its biological properties (antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal, antitoxic, pain relieving, regenerating, antitumoral, immunomodulatory, etc.).

Propolis increases physiological resistance of the organism to unfavorable conditions of the environment. Usually recommended to add few drops to your drinking water. It helps against eye irritation as well and keeps your eyesight sharp and is wonderfully effective in treating eye allergies.
TENTORIUM® company produces food products based on natural components of bee products . The base of their products is natural honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, bee bread and other nutrients produced by the bees.

Prolonged use of TENTORIUM® products provide a good mood, vivacity and excellent health. Regular addition to your food diet of propolis drink slows down the aging process as well. Rejuvenation on a cellular level! Honey and exclusive combinations of other natural ingredients have a bright taste and a number of useful properties: they refresh, strengthen immune system. Propolis is a leader in antioxidant activity and content of bioflavonoids among food products. It supports the immune system and helps to protect cells from damaging by free radicals.

Bioflavonoids are vitamin-like substances of plant origin (rutin, quercetin, catechine, etc.) They contribute to digestion of vitamin C, strengthen capillaries and improve their permeability, slow down the lipid peroxidation splitting (antioxidant effect), have a positive effect on the liver function, decrease the cholesterol level.

I am actually loving the natural honey as well from Tentorium and can’t wait to buy more of these locally. For the moment, Tentorium products in the UAE can be bought from Tentorium Middle East, contact Aya who will personally guide you thru range of products.
Aya can be contacted on 056-2558856 for information on Bee products.

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