Master Weaver from Peru to exhibit in Al Ain Rotana


Peru Eddie

Peru’s Master weaver, Eddie Sulca, whose artistic imagination leaves the public amazed is one of the best exponents of the Peruvian contemporary weaves and he is heading to Al Ain from the 7th of May to the 12th of May, 2014 to exhibit his work at the Al Ain Rotana.

Eddie’s ability to create intricately designed effects and the knowledge inherited from his grandfather Ambrosio (“Great Master of the Peruvian Art 1994” prize winner) has led him to produce stunning tapestries with three-dimensional effects that seem to stand away from the wall.

Born and raised in the remote Andean city of Ayacucho, Perú, Eddie began his weaving career at the age of eight with a commitment to continue the traditions of his family and culture. His grandfather Ambrosio Sulca learned the techniques from the old weavers and has handed them down to his sons and grandson Eddie.

However, Eddie Sulca is the originator of unusual effects with unique colors where he employs motifs and patterns drawn from the ancient cultures like the Inca and the Wari and combines their essence with other designs that comes directly from his dreams

Natural ingredients are used to create secret formulas that produce the beautiful natural colors used in Eddie’s tapestries. Every year during the rainy season, Eddie and his wife walk for miles in the rugged Andean Mountains surrounding Ayacucho to gather ingredients, which, combined with a secret formula known only to Eddie and his wife, produce natural dyes with subtle color effects that are unobtainable with synthetic chemical dyes. Hence, Eddie’s challenging work has been exhibited and admired around the world.

Aurela Cuku, Managing Partner, Artissima Gallery said, “Attractive and colorfully creative work done by artists like Eddie is becoming popular. We provide an inspirational platform for International artists to showcase their work to regional art enthusiasts.”

Press release issued on behalf Artissima Art Gallery. For further information, please contact Shereen on +971 507690087. Gallery enquiries can be addressed to Aurela Cuku on +971561058077.

About Artissima Gallery

Artissima Art Gallery, located in the new art hub of Dubai emerged as a result of the owners exploring the world and being inspired by the history, culture, traditions, heritage and art of the countries they visited. The gallery will be showcasing exclusive works of artists from the USA, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.

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