Natasha Bega’s collection, ‘Chasing the Sun’ arrives in Dubai

Banket Afrikan Natasha Bega

Artissima Art Gallery’s next art installment features the eclectic artworks of the charismatic Albanian artist, Natasha Bega who will be presenting her ‘Chasing the Sun’ collection. The exhibition will be held from May 6th to June 6th 2014.

Aurela Cuku, Managing Partner, Artissima Gallery said, “Natasha’s use of characters and settings in harmony with each other is enhanced with a clever use of colours and portrayal of the relationship between the different elements presented in her artworks”.

Natasha’s work naturally blends into the environment and ambience of the venue her work is showcased in. Her clever use of oil, pastel and charcoal using a technique she calls ‘magical impressionism’ gives her work a unique look and feel.

Natasha’s work pays homage to her home country Albania as well as influences through her extensive travel and cultural and heritage influences. Her artistic talents in writing, art, performance comes together in harmony in the ‘Chasing the Sun’ Collection.

As a diverse creative artist, Natasha delves into many art forms with ease and her work has been appreciated n New York, France, Suisse among host cities.


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