DIMENTION – Artworks by Ndue Pepa opens in Abu Dhabi

Shereen Shabnam Pepa Ndue

Couple of days ago I was able to meet and chat with well-known Albanian artist, Ndue Pepa during his 3 days visit to UAE. Pepa is represented in the UAE by Artissima Gallery and is showcasing his art collection ‘Dimension’ at the Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi until the 20th of February, 2014.

Born in Albania, Ndue Pepa’s art techniques are based on Albanian traditions that he has modernized with his unique artistic style. After exhibiting in Albania and Italy, art enthusiasts in the UAE will get a chance to view his work in Abu Dhabi.

Artissima _Pepa_ Shereen Shabnam

Ndue Pepa practices the philosophy of stylistic deformity through his eye retina photographs, which resembles the circle rotation spiral in a new stage and in a round cycle more advanced in time.

The paintings of artist Ndue Pepa is appreciated in many countries and have become part of art collections by followers of his style of work. The strength of Ndue Pepa lies in the use of rich vibrant colours that are expressive and composed fluidly in dynamic geometric movements that are energetic and celebrates both the creativity of the past and present.

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