Mystic Dreams from THE ONE

THE One Shereen Shabnam

Decidedly dramatic and darkly romantic, THE One’s Mystic Mélange boudoir look is the stuff that dreams are made of. Combining raven black, gorgeous gold and mystical purple hues with rich velvets, mixed patterns and Oriental touches, it oozes gothic glamour….a bit like what I would like my room to be.

To recreate this magically moody bedroom scene, set the stage for drama and romance with deep purple paisley wallpaper, before introducing the star of the show: a stunning gold velvet upholstered bed, dressed to the nines in charcoal, plum and beige. Accessorize with  luxurious satiny bedspreads in old gold and black and a pair of dog cushion covers, for a playful touch. Next up are the supporting acts in the form of strikingly graphic monochrome statement pieces like a handcrafted bone inlay side table and chest of drawers in addition to an upholstered box stool at the foot of the bed.

Finish dressing the set with an eclectic assortment of props ranging from a French Baroque-inspired table chandelier and weathered sunburst mirror, to a jet-black Chinese ginger jar, bejewelled perfume bottles and a gothic candlestick. Throw in an ornate crystal ball and you’re all set to drift off in style. Who knows where your dreams may take you?

The awesome team at THE ONE have put together a list of items you need to recreate the perfect boudoir:

Get the Look:

JAGGER gold velvet bed 180x200cm

DABKA bedspread 230x250cm

THIERRY Poncelet10 cushion cover 45×45

BOX stool 170x40cm

KANOR side table d50cm

KANOR 5-drawer chest

MILANO table lamp h74cm

SCENIC black ginger jar h64cm

FILIGREE picture frame 20X25CM

ROYAL candlestick h49cm

CRYSTAL ball deco h24cm

BURST mirror

Shereen Shabnam KANOR chest

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