Shaheen Races

shereen falcon

The Fazza Championships for Falconry, organized by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, have started the Gyr Shaheen speed races category for the general public. The categories of the falcon racing: Gyr Shaheen (younger) and Gyr Shaheen (older) are for enthusiasts who love falconry.

Below you will find a bit of wisdom of a Falconer piece sent to me by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center and see some images from the sport:

The Wisdom of a Falconer

Since Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre is a credible source for preserving and promoting national heritage in the UAE, and provides heritage based references and books, the sixth chapter of the book of Falconry: celebrating a living heritage, sheds the light on a long stretched heritage in a modern world. The author sums up a final message to falconers reminding them of the moment they raise their hands to free their falcon for hunting the prey at the break of dawn.  He states that Falconers may think it is their first hunting trip but it may well be their last. Amid the uncontrolled excitement and anticipation, falconers should think of the truth that they are one ring in a long chain stretching centuries back to prehistoric times, to the fate that lies ahead of them.   (Book by Dr. Javier Ceballos)   

Falcon Fijianchick

Falcon shereen


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