Shereen Philip Plein
I’m going to lose weight – in my own chilled out laid back way of course as one has to make exceptions when there are yummy treats coaxing my senses at Bloomsbury’s. You will know what I mean when you check out their Christmas mince pies and plum cakes. Anyway….the reason I want an hourglass figure is so that I can wear white. I look horrid wearing white when my body turns voluptuous on me so this New Year, I aim to lose weight and wear white.
For inspiration, I am now checking out the Philipp Plein SS14 collection that is now available at its flagship store in Dubai Mall (same venue as Bloomsbury’s of course hence the reason why the demons in my head are fighting).
With the spring/summer fashion hitting the stores now, Philipp Plein reveals a pure and fresh take on the New Year. The new Philipp Plein collection for next Spring/Summer 2014 plays with balance and harmony: all elements conceived to mix and match perfectly, for an impeccable aplomp. Beautiful, avant-garde, high-tech materials demolish any preconceived concepts of luxury in a melting pot without frontiers, for an astonishing dream-like effect. The selection of whites in the new collection makes a perfect start to the New Year….can someone please make a note and give me a good hiding if I don’t wear more white next year!

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