Ostoorah – what do you think of it?

Ostoorah by Ajmal

I am going through a fragrance phase…after a dose of musky perfumes in the last 2 weeks, I am ready for a new smell to sooth my senses and I can’t wait to try Ajmal Perfumes new Oriental fragrance, Ostoorah a Unisex concentrated perfume oil which I am told is similar to the strong scents I prefer.

Ostoorah is supposedly designed for those who are deep-rooted in tradition and appreciate fine Oudhy blends. Staying true to its meaning, The Legend – the fragrance  sends an invitation to be a part of the magnificent aura. In the opening, Rose brings a ray of light made sensual by Musk and the unexpected encounter of these two combined with Oudh and Amber and blended together with Sandalwood gives birth to a mystifying fragrance. I am told the intense fragrance engulfs you with its rich, warm, woody feel with playful hints of floral notes.

If anyone has already tried it, I would love to know your thoughts….if  I get my hands on it soon, I will let you know if it is all it touts to be.

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