Bahrain Science Centre celebrates ‘Great Inventions’

Bahrain Science Centre celebrates ‘Great Inventions’

Shereen BSC 

Visit the Bahrain Science Centre, a part of the Ministry of Social Development during November and December 2013 and you will be able to experience our new theme, ‘Great Inventions’. Three new exhibitions, as well as workshops, demonstrations, talks and discussions on inventions, will be hosted during November and December 2013.

The first exhibition, in the entrance foyer of the Science Centre, features three great inventions from the past: a model of the ‘South-Facing Chariot’, a navigational instrument invented in China over 4 000 years ago, a scale model of Al-Jazari’s 800-year old ‘Elephant Water Clock’, and a ‘Penny-Farthing Bicycle’, which represents the wheel, the greatest invention ever by humankind.

The second exhibition, entitled ‘Miniature Masterpieces’, celebrates 50 small inventions that have made a big impact on our lives. The tiny inventions are neatly displayed in modernistic acrylic domes and are fully labeled to indicate the name of the inventor, date and place of inventions, and the story behind the invention.

The ‘Miniature Masterpieces’ include the fishhook, key, mirror, money, magnetic compass, camera, spectacles, wristwatch, postage stamp, spark plug, light bulb, Velcro, Slinky, credit card, pocket calculator, computer mouse and MP3 Player. There also some fun items such as false teeth, bubblegum, dice, jigsaw puzzle and glass marbles.

The third mini exhibition is called ‘What is it used for?’ This features a selection of 29 unusual inventions and visitors are invited to guess what they are used for. Three possible answers are given for each item. This is a fun exhibition for the whole family.

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