Black Truffles return to Pregos

Yummy Truffle dish at Pregos

Yummy Truffle dish at Pregos

A few weeks ago I spent a decent hour reading about one man’s journey on cultivating truffles and how much of a cavorted commodity it has become amongst the world’s foodies who scramble to get the premium and crème of the crop…usually from Italy. Then I get news from Anita that the Black Truffle season is returned to Prego’s, coming all the way from Italy…Pregos (at Media Rotana) is of course my dining house of choice when I have skipped lunch and have a chance to eat on the way home post my workout….its one of few nice places that open at 6.00pm.

Divas…and others of course others.. can celebrate the legendary Black Truffle Festival of Norcia closer to home, as the Italian chefs prepare a limited edition Norcia Truffle menu, featuring a variety of signature truffle creations from fresh goodness of homemade ravioli to a juicy portion of lamb rack, choose from an exclusive pick of Italian truffle delicacies made from the secret recipes of Umbria. 

For those not in the know, Black Truffle is a unique type of mushroom, available only for a short period in the month of February and is considered a highly appetizing and luxurious treat….if you have never tried it, my suggestion is that you try it at Pregos first.

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