Fifty Years of McLaren sexy are cars :)

McLaren…how sexy are these cars 🙂

Friends have pointed out last week to me that I have not talked about cars much recently but due to not being stable and rooted in Dubai, its been hard trying to write as my business trips mean back to back meetings and then collapsing in bed with the computer on my tummy, sometimes with just the headline of a blog typed out.

No sooner I realized that I was losing touch and perhaps getting old, the words of a 27 year old Bruce McLaren popped at me saying ‘Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.’

When Bruce McLaren penned those words in 1964, his new company, Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd, was less than a year old. In those days, Bruce’s vision was shared by fewer than half a dozen loyal souls, who slogged across the world to race his self-made cars…he was a lucky man with people working with him who believed in him and he did not let them down for the McLaren brand we know today has certainly come a long way.

These days, the McLaren Group employs more than 2000 people, all of whom still share Bruce’s ideals of combining sportsmanship with solid engineering practice and cutting-edge technical expertise.

In September this year, the McLaren Group will celebrate its 50th anniversary….i know it’s a long way away in this diva’s perception of time but I was so taken by Bruce’s words, I just had to write about him, the brand and absorb his philosophy and thought on the fact that perhaps I should not base the success of my life based on years alone but measure it with what I have achieved…although sometimes I feel Tash being a graceful 12-year-old is my one and only big achievement as I get the most joy from her in all aspects of my life.

Going back to McLaren…If we were to follow Bruce’s words to the letter, there’d be little time for recollection, but on the eve of the brand’s half-century, the McLaren team are looking and reviling at the achievements built up in the indelible shadow of their founder.

I am told by sources that the echoes of the brand’s past will reverberate with a series of unique events and celebrations to be held across the anniversary year. ..maybe the scintillating moments with McLaren will help me forget that 2013 in my books means hitting the big 40… I wonder if I should celebrate my big day and a shiny little number from McLaren so that I only have eyes for the sexy looking mean machine and not the wrinkles around my deep intense eyes worrying about what the big 40 holds for me.

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