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Funky :)

Funky 🙂

“Fashion is art, where the needle is the brush and the fabric is the canvas.”

Young people these days inspire me. Last year, I met an incredible young designer, Sasi Kala at a Women to Women event who looked slightly older than Tash but in fact she is an established designer in Dubai who decided to take her passion for fashion a step further by studying fashion design.

Sasi is from Kerala and she ventured to Singapore to attend Raffles Design Institute. It meant 3 years of sleepless nights with projects and sewing but learning the art and history of designing was what she was born to do and use the knowledge for her designs.

I met Sasi once again after that for coffee and she told me how her first Spring Summer 2012 collection was accepted at the Dubai Fashion Week, as a New Generation Designer. I was delighted for her as she deserved it more than anyone I know.

The first store that started stocking her first collection was United Designers, which is amazing. They help give platform and recognition to young emerging designers.  Sasi also stocks at O Concept.

Her label KALA (meaning art in Sanskrit) has a unique identity that uses structure, draping and appliqué amongst other techniques. Every garment has a story behind them, in form of inspiration, process and fabrics.

My favourite has to be the Hidden Hippie collection. Anyone who knows me has come to accept the fact that I have no specific style or identity when it comes to my clothes. I wake up, drag myself to the wardrobe and come back looking like a bohemian, demure, desi, once in a blue moon corporate, slutty or totally contemporary where there is no rhyme or reason for the combinations that result in the end.

And I make no apologies for it….so KALA’s collections of clothes that showed a bit of rebel appealed heaps to me. Modern hippies may be in the corporate world blending in for the sake of propriety but as Sasi says, even if they are hidden they still believe in love, peace and freedom.

KALA went towards a minimal and a formal look for this collection. The main details for the collection are the chiffon ruffle, the circular dart and also peace symbols designed by KALA’

For her Spring Summer 2013 collection, the theme is ‘Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory’. The factory was a hip hangout for the artsy types and super stars. They all inspired Warhol in many ways. So this collection is inspired by those who inspired him. This is going to be a very fun and colorful collection so I look forward to it.

Sasi is definitely a designer to look out for… I have asked her to give us a sneak peek into her next collection…fingers crossed; you will see some cool stuff soon. One option is to get great deals on the exquisite designs from KALA on 8th December, 2-8pm at Villa 16, Hattan Street 2, Arabian Ranches. Enjoy!

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