Looking oh so feminine with Vhernier

Simple, elegant…am loving the Vhernier bracelet

Being a Fijian has its ups and downs but the best bit about being one is our FIJI water and the fact that we have awesome soft velvet skin texture which I attribute to the large amounts of FIJI water we gulp down with its high content of the magic potion, silica. So normally I don’t flinch when a fashionista touches my hand to say how soft the skin is – but this time, it had nothing to do with my skin but the delicate bracelet I was wearing from Vhernier, masters of Italian contemporary jewellery.

Normally I would not go for jewellery from Vhernier but it was love at first sight with this bracelet and I have become an advocate of the brand….not for all pieces but the delicate, simple and classy pieces that are so subtle and yet somehow make statement that one normally gets from a boldly designed piece.

Although I don’t go much to the Emirates Towers boulevard, it was worth going there to see the jewellery collections of the Italian House which is influenced in their design by trends in modern and contemporary art. I am so glad AW Rostamani Lifestyle brought this amazing brand to Dubai for us savvy females who appreciate inimitable pieces that make us stand out as  individuals. Hey, if it’s good for Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel, then its good for Fijianchick as well!

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