Having a ValleyDez moment

Some really cool pieces in the new collection

One of my favourite places for retail therapy is ValleyDez and they are now introducing a new set of collections from Fall 2012 collections to their Boutiques.

The fall collection this season reveals a new take on military. Prints and bold blocks of colours are still strong. Floral for fall is smaller in scale and leaning towards liberty, and is seen in a retro mix with lace. Knit tweeds and shawls are big, as well as fur accents and baroque embroidery. There’s also a lot of black leather or all-white which means there will definitely be something for everyone.

The accessories have the two extremes and feature many tribal designs, statement jewellery pieces, and dramatic epaulettes to take any top or jacket to the next level. On the other hand, clean simple pieces are also making an understated statement which is normally what I look for these days.

As for me, in honour of Maxim’s heritage, I reckon I will look into the military look. Just the vision makes me excited as I reckon it will be a weird contrast to what I am normally used to. 

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