My shoe fetish goes one level Up!

I can do some serious damage to someone with those spikes

I love the detail and can’t wait to get my hands on these

Despite being a shoe collector, I have to date never been loyal to one brand when it comes to my shoe fetish….my mobile shoe rack in my car, the huge shoe storage space under my 4 poster bed, the walk in shoe closet at the entrance to my villa or my usual shoe shelves give evidence that I have very diverse eclectic or maybe even eccentric taste when it comes to shoes and boots and no brand has so far impressed me enough to be a loyal fan….although Michael Kors has come very close.

So for me to blog about shoes is a new thing despite being an authority on what works and what doesn’t (for the record, none of my Jimmy Choos have impressed me so far so no matter how famous the brand is, i would not touch it again). It is therefore unusual that I thought of writing about a pair of shoes I have not even tried yet but have been bowled over by their Industrial and bold designs. I’m talking about the AW12 collection from Vince Camuto.

The shoes in this collection reflect an air of bold fierceness. Since I am slowly venturing into the fierce fashion zone (my way of trying to appear strong and firm), I cant wait to try these out….if you have tried this brand before, let me know what your thoughts are….i hope they are as comfortable and gorgeous as they look in the pictures. I certainly don’t want a repeat of the Jimmy Choo experience. My feet ache just thinking about it!

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