Loving the new Sacoor Brothers AW12 Ladies Dresses


Nice 🙂

Inspired by young NJD, I am becoming a fan of Sacoor Brothers more each day….beyond my fascination for polo, I now find myself planning to venture into the dreaded Dubai Mall and face the parking and exit woes just to pick out some office dresses.

The gorgeous brothers are celebrating the arrival of cooler weather with colours and fabric to match so diva can step out in style with their elegantly tailored dresses perfect for a formal day or a night out on the town.

For the uninitiated, the international fashion and lifestyle brand based out of Portugal started as a dream of 4 brothers who intended to give the world of fashion refinement, elegance, quality and design. I’ve met all of them on a number of occasions and respect their aim to bring quality clothing to the region….NJD adores their polo range and she looks über cool in their clothes.

Along with their fashion line for men, ladies and boys, the brand is also well-known to have dressed personalities from the world of fashion, cinema and television….plus NJD of course who is their unofficial brand ambassador/advocate.

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