Spinning the Volkswagen Touareg

Absolutely loved my time with the Touareg…my shoe rack stayed intact all through the week

After my short tryst with the Phaeton 2 weeks ago, I magically landed the new technically innovative Volkswagen Touareg at my disposal for a week to spin around on Dubai streets and found to my delight that it is longer, lighter, sleeker, safer, and roomier than its predecessor.

The completely redeveloped flagship petrol engine of this Volkswagen sport utility vehicle offers comfortable dimensions of a luxury sedan and the dynamic attributes of a sports car….diva likes 🙂

I also loved the sexy bi-xenon headlights ( This camera-based continuous main beam headlight actually “sees” oncoming traffic and automatically adjusts the main beam to eliminate unwanted glare….how cool is that?)

Also awesome was the Dynamic Light Assist, and the standard 8-speed automatic transmission, not forgetting the multi camera operated Area View safety system, Lane and Side Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) plus Front Assist, automatic tailgate, and proactive occupant protection….hey, I am a woman – I get distracted so these features really help!

To the uninitiated, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) autonomously controls the safe distance to traffic ahead of the vehicle – a cruise control that not only accelerates but also brakes to a stop in an emergency. The space in front of the vehicle is monitored by two radar sensors. I absolutely loved this feature , especially on Al Khail road where you come across at least one erratic driver per journey.

The Front Assist helps to avoid collision accidents. It initiates appropriate protective measures well in advance of a critical situation. It builds up sufficient pressure in the brake system and preconditions the hydraulic brake assist. In case of acute danger, the driver is then made aware that action needs to be taken to defuse the situation by visual and acoustic warnings and a brief pulse of the brake pedal…i didn’t try this but am told its super effective.

If the driver brakes expected at this moment, the Touareg automatically generates as much brake pressure as is necessary to avoid a collision. Under optimal constraints (activation time, driving situation, road grip) it is possible to avoid a front-end collision. If the driver decides to avoid the obstacle by steering, the vehicle’s dynamics are improved by stiffer damper tuning (on vehicles with air suspension).

The entertainment system was awesome too…I cruised diva like on a Friday morning down SZR and it was a pleasure.  What was more awesome was that the car accommodated my shoe rack with 45 pairs of shoes for the week plus my gym bag and my beach bag as well as my stash of magazines….i didn’t miss my Fortuner once throughout the week!

I also like the elegant appearance of the Touareg – timeless, sporty and in beautiful form. Diva was content for a week – I’m hard to please when it comes to cars but the Touareg was faultless!

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