Oh Tiffany!

Me loving Tiffany 1837 Interlocking circles necklace in Rubedo metal and silver

My daughter and I always share jewellery pieces but after Tiffany launched world-renowned designer Paloma Picasso’s collection of Paloma’s Venezia, we find ourselves fighting over our favourite pieces and being drawn to Tiffany shops every time we are in a mall. Currently I wear a piece from Tiffany’s Rubedo collection and as much as Tash loves the piece I have from Paloma’s collection, she constantly wants to exchange and wear both Paloma & Rubedo – partly because Rubedo is so much fun to play with during those deep thoughtful moments. (I have a lot of these moments being an intense Pisces)

When it comes to Paloma, I’m always fascinated by people and particularly artists  so naturally I delved further into what inspires the youngest daughter of the famous artist of all times and if Pablo Picasso’s talent is reflected in Paloma’s creativity – I’m just so thrilled to own one of her pieces after seeing her work.

A lifelong traveller, Paloma has incorporated the art and culture of many exotic places in her work. Having visited Venice from the time she was a teenager, she developed a particular fascination for the city’s canals and bridges, palazzos and great public squares. With her unerring eye for design, she interprets the city’s beauty and historical legacy in jewellery of four distinct themes and a piece I have of hers as a result is absolutely beautiful.

Although Paloma’s Venezia was launched last year, it’s still available in Tiffany & Co.’s  in Dubai – I guess it’s because her designs are timeless. Having said that, Tiffany’s new collection, Rubedo, launched in honour of the company’s 175th anniversary is equally awesome.

I’m told that in the medieval philosophy of alchemy, Rubedo was the title of the very highest achievement, when matter and spirit fused to create something of rare beauty. I love my Rubedo pendant as it marries the richness of gold, the brilliance of silver and the warmth of copper – I reckon that’s why little diva keeps wanting to take it off my neck every time to wear it.

Among the luminous creations of Rubedo is an elongated cuff that crisply incorporates the hallmark at the cuff’s edge. A similarly contoured ring carries the Tiffany legacy with equal grace. Tiffany designers also contrast the warmth of Rubedo with sterling silver in a pendant and necklace of interlocking circles of great movement and dimension. (How cool does that look around my neck)

Tiffany 1837 Rubedo jewellery designs inscribed with the signature of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany are available exclusively during 2012, in celebration of Tiffany’s anniversary year. I’m so excited to have one of the Rubedo pieces – little diva (NJD) keeps asking me if she’s inheriting my collection of Tiffany’s awesome pieces but I’ll let her sweat a bit before I part with my awesome Rubedo.

Paloma in Venice - How gorgeous is she....as beautiful as her awesome designs

Love this heaps

After Paloma’s magical pieces and the playful and fun Rubedo pieces, I certainly can’t wait to see what Tiffany launches next – I’m sure it will be just as awesome.

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