JetPad – Island girl to immerse into the blue waters on a cool new toy

This was the awesome action today at Jumeirah Beach Resort 🙂

Today I went to check out some alternatives to watersports – since my diving instructor screwed me on special offers for PADI lessons, this island girl decided there are other ways to have fun on water and the next best thing launching into the UAE next week at the Boat Show will be a new fun toy for big people like me called a JetPad.

So I had a short chat with the Chairman of JetPad, Alexander who insisted I see a demo of the said JetPad as we sat by the sea at Jumeirah Beach Hotel – I saw it, loved it but I was wearing a nice dress with my sexy Pisces sandals with strings so I could only watch this cool baby on water but have not tried it yet.

It was interesting that this is a UAE product and its all set to splash local waters – its an eco-friendly, fun thing and it is a safe personal watercraft. It is noise-free, Zero Emissions + safety-compliant. Its more like a personal watercraft (PWC) that I’m sure will address a gap in the pleasure craft market.

Historically, PWCs have received a negative response from beachgoers, environmentalists and regulators for their noise, emissions, frequent gasoline leaks and questionable safety issues – I have almost been hit by a few before. One of my Local Emirati friends has one for the kids and its a lot more bulkier than what I saw today. And with an 800km coastline in the UAE and a ban on traditional PWCs in place, the need for an alternative is pressing.

JetPad meets this market demand with a game-changing design incorporating cutting-edge safety features, and featuring innovative lithium ion battery-powered technology that results in zero emissions. Very guilt free I must add and its flip-proof. Knowing how accident prone I can be, this is a definite plus!

Weighing just 70kg, the versatile PWC is easily transported or carried on a boat and capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 km per hour. It has a runtime of 60 minutes, charges in just 30 minutes, and requires minimal maintenance.

Other key features include a controlled speed limiter, and a navigation and on-board entertainment system. Initially launching with the ‘Go-Kart’ edition, JetPad also plans to introduce the ‘Explorer’, which will appeal to budding marine biologists and oceanographers with its steering-wheel controlled fish-eye camera.

Alexander tells me that JetPads will be manufactured in the UAE using top quality ConformitéEuropéenne (CE)-approved components on an ISO-certified assembly line. The first units are set to go on sale in May 2012 locally and internationally…this Pisces water baby is thrilled!

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